We aim to help you to achieve just what you want for your work, whether it is for a wedding, a new baby, granny’s bungalow, minimalist flat, farmhouse, or plain wacky home or office.

We are always up for a challenge.

We have a wide range of at least 160 + frame mouldings to show you, 80 colours of mount board and whatever quality of glass you require.

embellished and distressed metallics large blended gilts and black and distressed gilt ornate and italian gilts dgpf traditional polished wood
We can offer you, from traditional dark polished woods, elaborate ornate gilts, plain and distressed  metallics, natural wood, soft and bright colours
dgpf coloured matt cushion mouldings matt and glossy bright colours set in mouldings for oils +deep rebate

For your needlework, we can block it square, stretch to the thread, mount with suitable colours or raise the glass off the piece with spacers or gold slips.

remember me sampler auntie liz mary jane merry xmas photos mum nan  and auntie liz _MG_5585

We are also happy to re-use or re-cycle older frames, as long as they have no serious problems and are suitable in size and condition.